Rent 2 Rent Kickstarter

Financial Freedom Faster

Our step-by-step system gives you everything you need to get your first deal even if you have limited property experience and you don’t have a huge pot of cash in the bank.

If you've ever been to a course and left feeling excited but overwhelmed and then taken no action, you'll love our course.

We're with you every step of the way to answer your questions and provide guidance as you set up your business and speak to landlords and agents

We'll help you reach Financial Freedom Faster
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Rent 2 Rent Kickstarter


“Stephanie & Nicky have been a godsend to my business.

Wherever you are on your journey I would 100% recommend getting in touch, they will help you take your business to that next level.

The course is fully comprehensive and jam packed with everything you need to be successful in your business - you get everything as it says on the tin.

Thank you both for your undeniable support and encouragement.

"Simply the best!"

Loise Wilson

“Before I had this massive fear about phoning the agents and that kind of thing.

Having the coaching course and knowing that I had to come and speak to everyone, and tell everybody about what I'd done, made me actually do it.

It really helped knowing that I would have to come and sort of speak to everyone.

I'm just really pleased that I did it and it's made me take the action, I'm really thankful.

Sophie Usher

“6 weeks ago I was someone who was perennially researching the subject of rent to rent, not having the confidence to take any action.

As part of the course we were all given clear steps on how to go from creating your business to signing the contract for your first deal - something I am now well on my way to achieving.

The sessions were both useful and encouraging. During all the sessions both Stephanie and Nicky were always happy to offer advice to our individual situations too.

Oliver Pritchard

“I think that the course is absolutely fantastic.

Stephanie and Nicky are brilliant trainers and mentors and so supportive too.

Totally recommend being a member of the next course.”

Simon Jennings

“Before coming onto the course you think to yourself,

"Oh, it's not going to work.
Why would it work?
Why would landlords do that?"
Now after doing it, and talking to landlords I’ve realised there are a lot of people out there very interested in what we have to offer.

And that is the one thing, the biggest thing, I think I've learned through this. Have faith in the system and stick with it, because it works!

Mark Fitzgerald

“The Course has got everything that you need.

I've done other courses before and you don't get as much information or even an opportunity to keep asking questions like this.

This is a unique course.

And you get amazing resources too.

The community spirit really was really good. Having the group and listening to other people has been amazing. ”

Letty Silver

“What I liked is that I was given information and was able to use it straight away to get started.

I had something to work on every week.

I got the structure that said start from here and then do this and then do that.

That was really great for me.”

Priscilla Ngala

I was surprised just how simple the process was to set up the business in Rent 2 Rent Kickstarter.

I thought it was going to be complicated.

You just broke it down into simple understandable steps.

I'm proud that I managed to stick from the beginning until the end because sometimes I easily give up.”

Zwe Ngema

“I liked the information on how to send out landlord letters.

I would never have thought about doing it like that. Never in a million years.,/b>”

Ian Griffin

What You'll Learn

  • Module 1
    Amazing Assets

    You’ll uncover the unstoppable everything-is-fixable mindset in you.

    Having the right mindset is important to success.

  • Module 2
    Rent 2 Rent Rewards

    You’ll learn about how to create wealth and become financially free with Rent 2 Rent.

  • Module 3
    Set Up for Success

    We’ll take you step-by-step through business setup.

    No confusion. No worries.

    Just the simple steps to get your new business up and running in weeks.

  • Module 4
    Magnetic Marketing

    You’ll attract landlords and agents using our magnetic marketing secrets.

    We give you our unique landlord marketing letter framework, agent scripts and checklists to take you from first contract to negotiating your first deal, always knowing what to say.

  • Module 5
    Do the Deal

    Here’s where the magic happens. You sign your first deal and take your first step towards financial freedom.

    In this module you’ll learn how to assess any deal in minutes and undertake all your due diligence to ensure every deal is a winner for you.

  • Module 6
    Fuel for the Future!

    Here’s where you’ll learn the systems you’ll need to put in place to manage your properties in a way that you can easily outsource.

    Make your property business work for you rather than you working for your business.

  • Instructor(s)

    Instructor Bio:

    If you’ve seen our YouTube channel, you’ll know that I’m centre stage in front of the camera.

    I’m the marketing queen and responsible for generating new business and building relationships with new landlords and investors.

    I will help you to grow your new rent to rent business fast and achieve financial freedom.

    Anyone with the drive to do it can run a successful and profitable rent to rent business with this 6-step system
    - You don’t need to be rich
    - Or have a degree
    - Or be a certain age
    - Or be from a certain background.

    We are excited to share our system with you and help you achieve the financial freedom you want in the shortest possible time without the stress and worry of wondering whether you’re on the right path.

    With the Property Angels at HMO Heaven you KNOW you’re on the right path.

    Stephanie Taylor

    Marketing Queen

    Stephanie Taylor
  • Instructor(s)

    Instructor Bio:

    Nicky is the power behind the throne.

    She is our operations and finance whizz ensuring that all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

    Systems and details are Nicky’s forté and she ensures our business works as well on the inside as it looks on the outside.

    Nicky will help you systemise your business so that you can outsource and enjoy more time to do the things you love.

    Nicky Taylor

    Operations & Finance Whizz

    Nicky Taylor